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There are many  aspects and practices in my life that contribute to my paintings as much as decades of experience in the studio.  It seems that my life experiences are recorded into a memory bank in some form that can be drawn upon  in the moment of artistic expression.  Riding motorcycles across the desert floor or high into the mountains here in northern New Mexico, those visceral and visual experiences consistently manifest into my paintings.


My  knowledge of Qigong and Tai Chi ad to my movement, that dance of freedom when painting from the core of my body.  


  “I paint almost as an act of automatic writing, walking the line between figurative and absolute abstraction by textually and lyrically using this language of ambiguity.  Willingly or not, the ambiguousness of my paintings takes hold of the imagination like looking at clouds, and puts it to work. I think of the painting, then, dancing on the edge of chaos until viewed by the subjective imagination of the viewer. 


I believe I must approach the canvas with the attitude of walking deeply into a forest without a thought of return.


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